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In February 2009, Waterwise in collaboration with Kathryn Rathouse Social Research launched the Water and Behaviour Change e-Bulletin.

Current issue:

January 11 2011

Past issues:

7 September 2010 (PDF)
30 June 2010 (PDF)
7 June 2010 (PDF)

23 February 2010 (PDF)

22 December 2009 (PDF)

25 November 2009 (PDF)

3 November 2009 (PDF)

20 October 2009 (PDF)

8 August 2009 (PDF)

24 June 2009 (PDF)

28 May 2009 (PDF)

01 April 2009 (PDF)

19 March 2009 (PDF)

25 February 2009 (PDF)

This publication shares research and activities related to water and behaviour change.

It is intended to be interactive so subscribers are asked to email us with news, announcements, events, requests for information, opportunities for collaboration and other information, for inclusion in future W&BC e-Bulletins.

We aim to release about one e-Bulletin per month depending on the number of items we’ve got to include.

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