Waterwise Technical Notes Print

Progressing water efficiency in the UK relies on both the technical and behavioral issues. The way forward will not only depend on technical innovation but on customers both accepting and progressing this with behavioral change.

Waterwise provides technical expertise to the Water Industry and other organisations. As part of progressing this process it is planning a series of technical notes to cover issues of particular relevance to the Industry. These notes will be regularly updated as new issues arise and aim to provide vital information on current issues.

The notes will also take account of past research carried out by both Waterwise and other organists to include UKWIR, the Environment Agency, WRc and the work of the market transformation programme (MTP).

Completed technical notes

1. Shower Devices and CERT - February 2010 (PDF)

Technical notes planned for the future

1. Water consumption, energy and carbon estimates of components of domestic demand

2. A complete guide to toilets