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Waterwise has been promoting water efficiency in the UK for the past five years and helping people reduce water wastage at home and at work. Through Tap into Savings we’re taking water saving to doorsteps, offering residents in social housing water saving home visits. We’re installing water saving technologies and providing information about small, simple changes that everyone can make to eliminate the waste of water. In addition we’re working with Global Action Plan to establish local EcoTeams, which are small groups of residents working together for a better environment and to save a bit of money.

We’re working in the following areas with local partners:

1) Merstham and Redhill, Surrey – We’re working with Sutton and East Surrey Water, Raven Housing Trust, Environment Agency and Reigate and Banstead Borough Council. The project launched in February and aims to deliver 600 home visits and support thirty people through EcoTeams.

2) Tile Hill and Canley in Coventry, West Midlands – We’re working with Severn Trent Water, Whitefriars Housing Group, Coventry City Council and Environment Agency. The project launched in July 2010 and aims to deliver 2,000 home visits and support 100 people through EcoTeams.

3) Braintree, Essex – we’re working with Anglian Water, Greenfields Community Housing and Braintree District Council to deliver 5,000 home visits and support 250 people through EcoTeams. The project launched in September 2010.

Each of these three Tap into Savings projects will have the following components in common:

1. Water efficiency home visits: water wasting fixtures and fittings are replaced or refitted with water wise alternatives, and more information is given about water and how to reduce waste.

2. EcoTeams: residents are supported while working together to reduce their impact on the environment and to save money.

3. A supportive environment: retrofits and EcoTeams form two strands of our approach to supporting a community in becoming water wise. We’ll also be working through local groups and media, door knocking and holding events to raise awareness and engage residents.

Tap into Savings is delivering water savings, not only through better technology but also through changes made by people to how they use water. We’re focusing on the entire spectrum of water saving actions and working toward creating a culture in which water saving is the norm. Through the EcoTeams, we’re also helping people become more energy efficiency and reduce their waste.

Mr Dollin, who has had a home visit from us in the Surrey project, said,

The adjustment to the taps is very good; they now use less water but still work well!

Our aim is to engage 10,000 residents over the course of the Tap into Savings programme. We expect water savings of about 200,000 litres per day as a result of the programme – that’s about a 15 percent reduction in water use.

For more information about our project and latest updates, please visit www.tapintosavings.org