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Waterwise has teamed up with a number of UK water companies and Rango to help save the most precious stuff on earth - water!


Take a town called Dirt, add the voices of Johnny Depp as Rango and Ray Winstone as an evil gang member and welcome to the funniest film of the year, by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean)! At cinemas everywhere now, certified PG.


Deep in the Mojave desert, in a town called Dirt, water is so valuable it's kept under lock and key in the local county bank. With no Sheriff in town, the bank is easy prey for the evil villains determined to get their dirty paws on the town's precious water supply!


Unlikely hero and outsider Rango comes to the town's rescue. Forced to confront his own identity, Rango puts his life at risk to preserve the town's liquid gold - water!


Don't forget to check out Rango's top water saving tips first!


If you're looking for some free water-saving kit, email us here before 1 April.


Rango's top water saving tips!


Be a cool chameleon like me and keep a jug of water in your county fridge - you won't need to run your taps until the water turns cool!


Wash the dust away with a short shower instead of a bath and save approx 45 litres of water!


Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth - for the brightest smile in town - and save 6 litres of water!


Washing clothes or dishes? Get your machines fully loaded and save between 11-32 litres of water!


Put a hippo in your loo, not a lizard - it helps save water with every flush. Save 2 litres of water every time!