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FoT Report

April 2011
Fairness on Tap - making the case for metering (PDF)
The Fairness on Tap Coalition, led by WWF and Waterwise, is calling for greater levels of metering as part of a fairer system of water charging. We believe that there
are three essential steps to sustainable, affordable water: metering; a national policy on social tariffs to ensure water is affordable for all; and help to save water and cut bills. 

May 2010
Water efficiency in new developments- a best practice guide (PDF)
Waterwise East has produced the best practice guide, which aims to support developers, housing associations, self-builders and others to deliver water-efficient new developments.

March 2010
Ensuring Water for All. Scoping Study Final Report (PDF)
The Environment Agency Southern Region commissioned Atkins and Waterwise to update existing knowledge on water efficiency so regional stakeholders can make informed decisions on progressing water efficiency as part of wider multi stakeholder strategies. This document recommends the most effective ways of achieving savings at a regional level.
March 2010
Water Efficiency and the Water Companies a 2010 UK Review (PDF)
This review document supplements the technical content of the Waterwise Evidence Base, and summarises each water companies water efficiency activities and gives details of future prejects. The review also features supportive quotes from Ministers, Water UK and Regulators.
First report of Phase II - February 2010
Evidence Base for Large-scale Water Efficiency in Homes (PDF)
Phase II was developed with support from the Water Saving Group and builds upon and improves the work presented in the original Evidence Base report. It provides better guidance for water companies on water efficiency project rollout, an improved policy framework, more informed project scenarios for better water efficiency project repeatability and improved guidance on water efficiency investment decisions.

Final Report - December 2009

Water Efficiency Retrofitting - A Best Practice Guide (PDF)

This update to the March 2008 ‘Water efficiency audit programmes: a best practice guide’ summarises current best practice for water efficiency retrofitting, for those wishing to carry out large scale projects and for companies wishing to carry out water efficiency trials to contribute to the evidence base.

Final Report - April 2009
The Water and Energy Implications of Bathing and Showering Behaviours and Technologies (PDF)

Waterwise, with the support of the Energy Saving Trust, has conducted a desk review of all available data and reports relating to water and energy use due to personal washing in the home. The report reviews the evidence for baths and showers and makes suggestions based on identified policy, research, and retro-fit gaps and opportunities.
Final report – October 2008
Evidence Base for Large-scale Water Efficiency in Homes (PDF)
Highlights possibilities for refitting domestic properties to save water, which could provide an additional way for water companies to balance supply and demand, whilst reducing household bills and saving both water and energy. Waterwise will be building on this report, and so we welcome your feedback; please contact us.
Final report – March 2009
Preston Water Efficiency Initiative (PDF)
The Preston Initiative succeeded in reducing water demand in social housing. The project was a partnership between the Government of the South East, Reigate and Banstead Council, Raven Housing Trust, Sutton and East Surrey Water, the Environment Agency, Surrey County Council and Waterwise.














Briefings and position statements

Position statement and issue briefing - July 2008
Metering and Affordability (PDF)
Waterwise would like to see full metering across England and Wales by 2020, and by 2015 in areas of water stress.

Issue briefing - February 2007
Hidden Waters: Embedded Water and Water Footprints (PDF)
Did you know that there is water embedded in everything, including your burger and trousers? The average Briton’s water footprint is an astounding 3,411 litres per person per day!


Factsheet - November 2006
Water Hardness in the British Isles (PDF)
A visual generalisation of where you can expect to find hard water in the British Isles. Water hardness can vary from postcode to postcode, so please check with your water company for detailed information.



Final Report - September 2009:
Evaluation of the water saving potential of social housing stock in the Greater London Area (PDF)
Waterwise has undertaken a survey of social housing authorities to assess the current standards for water efficiency. Data suggests that up to 80% of social housing stock in Greater London has a bath and no shower installed. Scenarios for installing showers under an updated Decent Homes standard are discussed and potential water, energy, and carbon savings highlighted.

For Defra - September 2008
Water and energy consumptions of dishwashers and washing machines: An analysis of efficiencies to determine the possible need and options for a water efficiency label for wet white goods (PDF)
Analyses show that energy efficiency ratings are not a suitable proxy for water efficiency information because of the variation in water consumption between and within energy ratings. These findings support a further detailed look at options for addressing the water consumption of washing machines and dishwashers, some of which are briefly examined in this report.

For Defra - March 2008
Water Efficiency Audit Programmes: A Best Practice Guide (PDF)
A short guide for water companies that summarises current best practice for creating and managing new water efficiency projects related to household demand.


For the Market Transformation Programme - February 2008
Water Efficiency Labelling: Existing Initiatives in Other Nations
This report will shortly be available at; in the meantime, please This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it for a copy.

For the Greater London Authority - December 2007
International Experiences of Sub-Metering: An Analysis of Four Case Cities to Inform Planning for Domestic Metering in the Greater London Area (PDF)
International cases of sub-metering initiatives are investigated and discussed in reference to the feasibility of sub-metering implementation in the Greater London Area.

For Defra - March 2007
Propensity to Retrofit: Social and Other Influences on Likelihood of Uptake of Water Efficient Devices (PDF)
Summarises present understanding of whether there is a well developed set of socio-demographic profiles for those most likely to engage in water efficient behaviour.

For Defra - November 2006
Garden Watering Restrictions: A Review of Hosepipe Ban Legislation (PDF)
A review of international models of external water use restrictions, and recommendations for amendments in the UK