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A flurry of activity has developed in the water industry over the past couple of years in relation to water efficiency research and delivery. There have now been dozens of water efficiency projects that have reported, and several more are still underway - and even more are planned.

These projects aim to establish water savings feasibility, as well as costs/benefits and best practice. Data from these studies are being fed into the Waterwise Evidence Base.

Examples of some recent projects include,
• the installation of dual-flush retrofit devices into homes with old toilets;
• the provision of self-audit packs that enable householders to understand their water use and take actions to realise savings; and,
• the trialling of ‘smart’ bills that provide bill payers with more information about their water use.

In addition to this research, water companies are continuing with ‘baseline’ activities that include the promotion of water efficiency to domestic and business customers as well as work with community groups and schools.

Waterwise are independent of the water industry, but do work closely with them. To find out more about water company water efficiency projects, feel free to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ; however, you will be able to obtain more detailed information about water company projects from the companies themselves. For a map of UK water companies and links to their websites, please see the Water UK website.

Case Studies
Essex and Suffolk Water - Household Water Efficiency Audits

Sutton & East Surrey Water - Preston Water Efficiency Initiative