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All the research that we undertake supports our organisational aims and objectives. Our long-term focus is on building the evidence base for large-scale water efficiency, which includes becoming involved with the activities of the water companies as well as researching micro-components of domestic demand and water-using behaviours. We have the skills and experience to undertake research in all of the following areas, at UK, Scottish, Welsh, English, Northern Irish, regional or local level.

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Areas of focus

Water-using and related behaviours
o Better billing and smarter communications
o Incentives (e.g. VAT reductions, rebates, etc.)
o Labelling and product information
o Propensity to retrofit

Best practice and guidance
o Domestic, non-domestic and industrial
o Local, regional, national and international case studies

Built environment
o New and existing homes
o Ecotowns
o Products and rankings
o Codes and standards
o Water neutrality

Climate change

o The links between water and energy efficiency in policy and behaviour
o Adaptation and mitigation in relation to water scarcity and droughts
o Embedded energy in cold/hot water

o The potential contribution of water efficiency to the low carbon economy, through manufacturing and services

o CERT – the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target

Competition and innovation in the water sector

Future shape of the regulatory framework

Measures and values
o Metering, including sub-metering and smart metering
o Components of demand and savings
o Water pricing and tariff structures, and affordability

Water Price Determinations for England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.


o Public sector

o Private sector

Resources and infrastructure
o Greywater
o Rainwater harvesting (small-scale and large-scale)