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Waterwise was the only non-governmental organisation to sit on the ministerial Water Saving Group (WSG), which came to a close in autumn 2008 after successfully improving the framework for water efficiency in England.

The WSG, which met every six months, also included Water UK, the Environment Agency, Ofwat, the Consumer Council for Water, and Communities and Local Government. In November 2007 its remit was extended to cover commercial consumption of water and a new work plan agreed for the following year.

As part of its role on the WSG, Waterwise was responsible for the work stream “Information needs: building the Evidence Base for large-scale water efficiency”. Over the past three years, we have been gathering data from water efficiency projects and trials that had been or were being carried out by water companies in England. The aim of this exercise was to pull the data together to produce evidence for water savings associated with water efficiency measures, and to develop a set of scenarios for large-scale water efficiency programmes. This Evidence Base with scenarios could then be used to inform water company investment with particular relation to the Periodic Review.

The final report of the Evidence Base for Large-scale Water Efficiency in Homes was published in October 2008. Waterwise is currently developing Phase 2 of the Evidence Base with support from former WSG parties. This work seeks to build upon and improve the work presented in the Evidence Base report published in October 2008. For more information about the project, visit our Evidence Base webpage.