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The mission of the National Water Conservation Group is to stimulate and inform debate about how to achieve the efficient use of water in the UK.

1. To engage with experts and others with an interest in achieving water efficiency including Government departments, regulators, manufacturers, water companies, professional bodies, research and test organisations, retailers and NGOs;

2. To help achieve a common understanding by attendees of the issues, priorities and scope for action on water efficiency, based on a sound evidence base;

3. To provide stakeholder feedback on the evidence base and policy briefs used for the water sector of the Market Transformation Programme; and,

4. To provide a forum which encourages a joined-up approach to water efficiency in the UK through the sharing of research, information and expertise.


Chairman Martin Shouler - This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
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Meetings and Presentations


26 November 2009

- Minutes of the meeting (PDF)

5 November 2008
- Minutes of the meeting (PDF)
- ‘Promoting Water Conservation with Diverse Communities’, presentation from Gayle Burgess of London Sustainability Exchange (PDF)
- ‘CP337: Water Use in New Dwellings’, presentation from Carmen Waylan of WRc (PDF)

23 April 2008
- Minutes of the meeting (PDF)
- Presentation about the Water Saving Association by Nick Buhler with an introduction from Baroness Miller (PDF)
- ‘EcoTeams and Water Conservation’, presentation from Ann Morris of Global Action Plan (PDF)

18 October 2007
- Minutes of the meeting (PDF)
- ‘Water UK’s Postcode Database’, presentation from Jim Marshall of Water UK (PDF)

16 July 2007
- Minutes of meeting (PDF)
- ‘Seeding Sustainable Communities’, presentation from Isabel del Burgo of Peterborough Environment City Trust and Paul Millard of Anglian Water (PDF)
- Update from WRc on the Market Transformation Programme and leaky valves (PDF)
- Presentation from Carmen Waylan of WRc on What-If and SP07 (PDF)
- ‘Retrofitting Water Meters to Multiple Occupancy Buildings in London’, presention by Martin Shouler and Mel Allwood of ARUP (PDF)
- A flyer from BRE about the BRE Innovation Park demonstrations was circulated (PDF)