Waterwise Campaigns Print

Many of our campaigns are leveraged through working with other organisations. In fact we work with anyone and everyone to achieve our aim. In reaching consumers we particularly work with the media, retailers and manufacturers. Below are the main campaigns that Waterwise has developed.

Waterwise has joined forces with Ariel to raise awareness of water stress in the UK and provide consumers with easy practical ways of saving water.

In February 2007 Waterwise entered into partnership with B&Q. This incorporated a month long campaign of messages and in-store promotions, culminating in the sponsorship of our Annual Conference.

Future Friendly

Waterwise has supported Future Friendly since it's inception, and now in its fourth year the Future Friendly Awards is a nationwide search for heroic communities committed to making a difference by promoting sustainable living through their actions.

On 23rd April 2007, Waterwise - in association with Water Group Promotions - organised a giveaway of 5,000 four-minute shower timers on GMTV.

Through the GROHE corporate Watercare® programme, GROHE are committed to protecting the environment and developing sustainable business practices, such as the reduction of carbon footprint, use of sustainable raw materials and recycling etc.

Memory 4 Teachers

In 2009 Waterwise entered into partnership with Memory 4 Teachers, a major ICT initiative which involves the free provision of USB memory sticks for all Head Teachers, Teachers, School Business Managers and all support staff. Waterwise has provided information on how to save water in schools, as well as general water efficiency tips and case studies of what schools have done.

Muslim Aid
Waterwise has joined forces with Muslim Aid in a campaign to spread awareness of the conditions faced by people in developing countries and provide useful tips on how to conserve water.

Save Water Swindon

Save Water Swindon is a campaign launched by Thames Water, Waterwise and the WWF. The campaign, launched in June 2010, aims to help everyone in Swindon use less water in the home.