Memory 4 Teachers Print
Memory 4 Teachers is providing 750,000 memory sticks to all educators across the country completely free of charge. The memory sticks have been in development for 18 months and contain a mixture of learning resources, content and software applications to aid teachers in their daily role. Applications on the memory stick include encryption software, embedded mp3 and flash players, diary and calendar applications, timetable software and more. In addition there are thousands of free learning resources for teachers to use immediately either within their classroom or on an interactive whiteboard.

Alongside the memory stick, there is a supporting web channel where teachers can access new resources and content to download to their memory sticks. In addition teachers can back up their memory sticks through the online storage facility and if they lose their memory stick Memory 4 Teachers will replace it free of charge anytime over the five year lifespan of the project.

The project is supported by some of the largest names in education including the National Union of Teachers, BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association), NSPCC, The EU Commission, The FA and many others.

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