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Waterwise newsletter – August 2011

Welcome from Joanne Zygmunt, Head of Research and Tap into Savings Programme Manager 

Joanne Summertime is downtime for most, but not Waterwise. We’ve had delays to Tap into Savings reporting but are working hard to release results at the end of August. I’m excited about my new role that will enable me to continue working with you all on developing water efficiency projects. I’m looking forward to working in Waterwise’s new, multidisciplinary research team: political scientist, engineer, environmental psychologist and technical researcher (plus expert social researcher and statistician mentors).


My first task, however, is to produce the 2011/12 program of Masterclasses and Symposia themed around ‘Engaging Water Users’ – details of which will be announced in September. Please do give me a ring on 020 3463 2398 if you’ve got suggestions for event content (or perhaps you’d like to sponsor?) or ideas for project collaborations. I’d love to hear your thoughts! And also look out for a water and energy report that will be published in the autumn.

High rainfall improves the picture

umbrella in the rainWhile we enjoy the recent patch of sunlit dry days, water companies continue to prepare long-term for water resources - not just to next week or month, but to next season, and the season after that. The recent rainfall is welcome but is just the beginning of recovery from the earlier dry months.


Water UK attended the recent series of meetings with Secretary of State Caroline Spelman to consider, with other abstractors, the state of the country's water resources. The Secretary of State has said herself that it has rained fairly constantly since these meetings started; however, there are parts of the country where even these damp conditions are only just beginning to make up for many months of extremely dry weather.

Many companies have made it clear that the relatively resilient state of our water resources - to date there have been no restrictions - has been due to good planning, action on leakage, sensible investment, but also relatively wet weather in seasons past. Companies will be planning for all eventualities.


(from Water UK)

Gabby Logan Leads Search for Future Friendly Champions
FF logo

Gaby Logan Across the country there are thousands of people who are doing their bit to help the environment.  To recognise their efforts, TV presenter and green mum Gabby Logan is leading the 5th Future Friendly Awards, a nationwide search for heroic communities and individuals committed to making a difference by promoting sustainable living through their actions.


For more information visit: http://www.futurefriendly.co.uk/

For more, visit the Future Friendly awards page here.


Soap & Glory’s ‘2 minute Rinse’

2 minute rinseSoap & Glory in the UK are currently working on the 2-Minute Rinse initiative. The point of the campaign is to highlight how much water is used in showering and encouraging people to take 2-Minute showers to help save water.

They have a Facebook app for it too where people can come and register their 2-Minute rinse. This can be found here.


They also have some pink egg shower timers as competition prizes.




Energy Event - Birmingham 13-14

energy event

Waterwise will be at the Energy Event at the NEC in Birmingham from 13-14 September. To register or to find out more information about this event, follow this link.

Combining Water and Energy Efficiency Event, 22 September Brussels

Life +

This event is on Thursday 22 September, at Scotland House, in Brussels. launch the findings of a 3-year EU Life+ study [RENEW], the first consumer focused study of its kind that looks at the links between water and energy efficiency. Join the discussion to:
● save water, energy, money and carbon
● contribute to the EU’s 20-20-20 goals
● put your questions to our expert panel


Be the first to see the report and take away a set of new short films to help you disseminate key messages in this important area.

For more info on the project see here


To sign up for the event (to either attend in person or via webinar) visit here.


Waterwise on Facebook and Twitter

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Waterwise has a new Facebook page. Check it out and LIKE it here
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Water conservation in other parts of the world

Khatri: An Indigenous Technology of Rainwater Harvesting


KhatriPeople of Hamirpur, Bilaspur and Kangra districts in Himachal Pradesh, India have developed a unique indigenous technology for water harvesting called ‘Khatri’.


Khatris are hand-hewn caves, located beneath the huge rocks, where water is collected through seepage from rocks. The basic purpose of khatri is not to harvest the surface run-off but rather the rainwater that flows through the rocks and soil of hilly regions.


In the rainy season, water drops down continuously from the roof of the khatri which amounts to approximately 40-50 buckets per day!