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On 23rd April 2007, Waterwise - in association with Water Group Promotions - organised a giveaway of 5,000 four-minute shower timers on GMTV.

The main objectives of the campaign were to raise awareness of the Waterwise brand; to promote the use of a shower timer whilst showering to encourage people to take shorter showers; and to empower individuals to believe that water saving is important.

Waterwise sold the idea to GMTV where the giveaway was promoted by celebrity and sustainability expert, Joanna Yarrow. The feature began with general water saving tips around the home, focusing on the shower timer giveaway. To claim their free shower timer, participants were asked to visit the Waterwise site, where they received information on showering trends and were asked questions on how long they showered for and whether or not they have a water meter.

The campaign was supported by other organisations (Aqualogic, Pureworld, Save-a-flush, mecon, Twyford) to provide funding for staff time and postage.

All 5,000 shower timers were successfully claimed by the end of the first day of promotion.

The promotion raised awareness of the Waterwise brand through on TV mentions and the website (9000 hits in one day) and demonstrated that there is a growing demand for water efficiency devices, such as shower timers, from the general public and that shower timers can help individuals to reduce water consumption by raising the awareness of how long they have spent in the shower.