Be water wise with Ariel Print

Waterwise has joined forces with Ariel to raise awareness of water stress in the UK and provide consumers with easy practical ways of saving water. The nationwide campaign, is fronted by property designer Wayne Hemingway MBE and welcomed by Minister for the Environment, Phil Woolas.

Britain has less available water per head than many other European countries, yet a nationwide survey revealed that when given a choice of five of the main environmental issues facing the country, water shortages were not seen as a priority in almost 80% of cases. While many Britons have already taken steps to live more sustainable lives by recycling and doing their bit to save energy, experts believe periodic prolonged rainfall and floods have led to misunderstandings around the need to save water.

Ariel and Waterwise produced a survey, in conjunction with Mori, to examine bahavioural habits of water use in the home. Some of the key findings from the survey are:
Those sampled are able to place water along side other environmental concerns, but it is not a top priority.
Those sampled are willing to change the way they buy products.
56% of those living alone believe they consume 50 litres or less a day.

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One in four of us are still using the pre-wash setting on our washing machines – wasting more than 6 billion litres per year. If everyone stopped pre-washing we could save enough water to fill more than 6000 Olympic sized swimming pools.

The campaign involved advertorial being featured in six domestic consumer magazines for three months running, along with a shower timer give away - with regional launches across England.

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