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The Waterwise Marque

The Waterwise Marque is open for applications. This application process closes on Friday 10 September 2010. Click here to find out about the Marque

Quick water saving tips

There are many quick fixes you can do at home and in your garden to save water. If you have any tips which we haven't mentioned, please This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it and let us know how you save water

Water-saving devices

The key to water efficiency is reducing waste, not restricting use. Consumers can help reduce waste by making small behavioural changes and by choosing more water efficient products.

To help you select water efficient products, please click on the images below to view Waterwise's latest product brochures. Please note that these brochures show only products that have been awarded the Waterwise Marque. For more information on the Waterwise Marque, please click here or contact us



Personal Washing Products

Plumbing products

Outdoor products

Waterwise the Fish

Check out the adventures of Goldfish as he struggles to survive in his goldfish bowl due to his inefficient use of water! Learn how to be water efficient and keep the water levels high.

Episode 1 - Washing Day
Episode 2 - A drink of Water

Fun ways to learn about water efficiency

Waterwise has put together some learning aids for children of all ages. Feel free to rpint them out and use them. Let us know if there is anything more specific you are looking for, or if you have your own ideas of how to encourage young people to save water. Fun stuff

Save water at home

The Save Water at Home page provides information how residential consumers can make small behavioural changes to save water at home and in the garden. An interactive pie chart shows the percentage of water used in each water using area of your home.

Washing machine and dishwasher ranking

If you are thinking of purchasing a new dishwasher or washing machine, Waterwise have ranked all dishwashers and washing machines available on the UK market by water and energy efficiency.