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Waterwise East is the regional centre of excellence for water efficiency in the East of England. It aims to reduce water wastage in the region and is primarily focused on development and the built environment.

The East of England is the driest region in the UK. Water resources in the East of England are under increasing pressure from an ambitious development agenda, increasing per-capita consumption, climate change, and ever more stringent environmental standards.

In recognition of this, Waterwise East was established in Septemeber 2007 by a partnership of regional and national water stakeholders including the Environment Agency, The East of England Development Agency, The East of England Regional Assembly, The Government Office for the East of England, The Sustainable Development Round Table for the East of England, and Waterwise.

Waterwise East is funded by the East of England Development Agency, The Environment Agency, The East of England Regional Assembly, and Defra via the East of England Sustainable Development Round Table.

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Who do we work with?

To achieve our aim Waterwise East works with developers, planners and other water stakeholders.

Waterwise East also works in partnership with several other groups, including the East of England Water Partnership, the Climate Change Partnership, Sustainability East, BRE and the Anglian Region Water Efficiency Group.

What do we do?

We have launched the website www.water-efficient-buildings.org.uk which provides a valuable tool to planners and developers to support them in delivering water efficient developments.

We have also launched www.thewatercalculator.org.uk in association with the Bathroom Manufacturers Association. The Water Calculator allows users to quickly and easily develop specifications for water-efficient homes that meet regulatory requirements. The site contains information on water consumption for hundreds of products, which means users do not have the hassle of gathering product data from manufacturers.

We run events and seminars for developers, planners , Housing Associations and other water stakeholders to improve their water efficiency knowledge and encourage sharing of best practice.

We work directly with developers, Local Authorities and Housing Associations, supporting them to deliver water-efficient properties in specific developments and pilot projects.

We work with BSI, as part of the committee working on greywater and rainwater harvesting standards.

We work with other water stakeholders including householders, plumbers, businesses, schools and manufacturers to encourage them to uptake and promote water efficiency.

Highlights from Waterwise East work to date include:
Water efficiency calculator for developers, launched July 2010
• Water efficiency design guide for developers, launched June 2009
• Water efficiency planning guidance, launched February 2009
• Research into householder attitudes to water efficiency, Spring 2009
Planning for water event for planners and development control officers, February 2009
Regional Water conference for specialists in water, environment and construction, 30 October 2008, in conjunction with ICE, IMechE and Anglian Water
• Water efficiency seminar for Housing Associations, 30 Sept 2008
• Waterwise East Website produced Dec 07
• Providing a speaker at 10 water-efficiency related events over the past 18 months
• Providing press releases, information and interviews to the media