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What is Waterwise?

Waterwise is a UK NGO focused on decreasing water consumption in the UK and building the evidence base for large scale water efficiency. We are the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK.


Waterwise is an independent, not for profit organisation that receives funding from the UK water industry and from sponsorship and consultancy work. In England, we sat on the Environment Minister’s Water Saving Group alongside the water industry and regulators. Waterwise set up the Saving Water in Scotland Network.

Download the Waterwise Strategy for A Waterwise Future 2010 - 2010

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Waterwise is committed to sustainable development not only in the measures and behaviour it lobbies for and espouses, but also in its own operations, projects, programmes and events. As such, we are committed to the following sustainability principles/measures outlined in themes and events. As such, we are committed to the following sustainability principles/measures outlined in the following documents:

Waterwise environmental statement April 2010

Waterwise environmental policy action plan April 2010

Who do we work with?
To achieve our aim we work together with key partners in the water companies, governments (UK, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and local governments), manufacturers, retailers, NGOs, environmentalists, regulators, agriculture, business, domestic consumers and the media.
What do we do?

We hold the only Annual Water Efficiency Conference in the UK which brings together the leading policy makers, doers and thinkers on water efficiency, both as speakers and participants to discuss water efficiency. This is part of the United Nations World Water Day program.

We founded the Waterwise Marque in October 2006 which is the first award scheme of its kind in the UK. We award the Marque annually to water using products which highlight water efficiency or reduce water wastage.

We have set up a Scottish roundtable on water efficiency, consisting of key players such as regulators, the water industry, parliamentarians, the Scottish Executive and NGOs and supported by a new water efficiency network, ‘Saving Water in Scotland’ (SWS) to reduce water consumption in Scotland.

We work with UK water companies on large scale water efficiency projects which range from water audits to domestic retrofit schemes.

We provide information and assistance to households, businesses, media and the government amongst others.

We have ranked all dishwashers and washing machines by water efficiency.

Waterwise Annual Report 2007 - 2008