2010 Interns Print
Elena Lewis
King’s College London
Internship February – March 2010

My time spent at Waterwise has been invaluable as an MSc Water Science & Governance student. Waterwise work at the heart of improving water efficiency in the UK and act as a link between all sectors of the UK water industry from water companies to Ofwat to the Environment Agency. The connections and experience that they have, has given me great insight into topical issues in the UK water sector. I have gained more experience from my time at Waterwise than I have from my MSc Water studies. From the onset I could see how committed the team was to improving water efficiency in the UK. Not only are they all hard working and supportive but also fun and lively. From my first day I was involved with major projects contributing to the Evidence Base for Large-scale Water Efficiency in Homes and was entrusted significant research.

My main task for Waterwise was to produce a research-based project into the effectiveness of energy and water efficiency labelling schemes currently in use in the UK, the EU and internationally. The research will contribute to the UK government’s recommendations for labelling to promote the simplification, unification and verification of environmental labelling. The aim is to produce a single sector-based universal labelling scheme working with manufactures and retailers, encouraging them to make environmental efficiency improvements to their products.
In addition to this I was also entrusted with the task of producing a summary of the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme for water-efficient technology and how water companies can utilise the scheme to maximise water efficiency savings for their business clients.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Waterwise and am extremely grateful for all of experience, knowledge and friendships that I have gained. They have provided me with an excellent foundation for a career within the environmental policy sector.