2008 Interns Print

David Ganzi
Boston University, Massachusetts
March 2008 - April 2008

Coming to Waterwise with little knowledge of water conservation and efficiency related issues, the internship became a beneficial learning experience. Not only did I get to work in the not-for-profit sector, but I also broadened my abilities as an environmental policy major. Research and writing were my main duties at Waterwise. I was not relegated to the stereotypical intern tasks, copying piles of documents. But rather, I contributed to pertinent projects in the organization.

More specifically, I worked on a water neutrality discussion paper, eventually leading to a position paper for Waterwise itself. With this assignment, I felt as though I was a full-time member of the research team. Every member of Waterwise respected me as an individual and assisted me with any questions I had. Giving me the responsibility to write a research paper for Waterwise gave me extra incentive to work hard and take my internship seriously.

I would recommend an internship at Waterwise for anyone interested in a variety of fields whether communication, public relations, research, policy, or environmental issues. In such a familiar office setting, an intern can thrive.

Kassandra Holmes
Rollins College, Florida
March 2008 - April 2008

I had a wonderful time as an intern at Waterwise. The staff is incredibly friendly and made me feel welcomed and appreciated the second I walked in the door. I was lucky to be able to work on a lot of different tasks throughout my internship. I helped Waterwise organize their annual conference, which I was so grateful to be able to attend. I also got the opportunity to write press releases, parliament updates and magazines articles, including an article in Water Efficient Solutions Magazine on embedded water. I also attended several meetings and events (including an event on the terrace of Parliament!) on behalf of Waterwise and sat in on an Environmental Audit Sub Committee on Environmental Labeling at Parliament.

My main task at Waterwise, however, was working on a joint HSBC, WWF and Waterwise project concerning the Thames River. My job centered around laying out the foundations and guidelines of the Thames Forum, an aspect of this project that hopes to bring key stakeholders, politicians and others with invested interest in the river together in a kind of “forum”. The goal is that in establishing such a forum effective decision making concerning the Thames River can be made. I worked hard researching the river, laying out the guidelines of the forum, drafting a website, finding a member of the House of Lords to chair the forum and mapping out how the forum should function in order to work as sucessfully as possible. I also created a Thames Forum Brochure that lays out the logistics of the forum and its ultimate goals.

I loved working at Waterwise and am thankful for all the knowledge and amazing memories I gained from this experience. Thanks to Waterwise, I got first hand experience and learned what it is like to work for an NGO and attempt to work with other organization in order to sucessfully implement a large scale project. I also learned some amazing Jacobisms (“Posher than a Goose!”) and that I really love chips!

Clifford Rose
Wake Forest University, North Carolina
October 2008 - December 2008

My internship at Waterwise provided me with both and in-depth and comprehensive overview of operations in the non-profit environmental sector. I was able to see how environmental research and advocacy can effectively influence policy decisions at local and national levels while gaining a much deeper understanding of current environmental issues and their implications.

This internship allowed for my involvement with a broad range of projects that familiarized me with different methods of achieving environmental goals. I gained experience drafting position papers and press releases on current environmental issues, researched for a grassroots conservation campaign, assisted on environmental consulting engagements and corporate social responsibility initiatives, evaluated water saving products for the Waterwise Marque, and attended water industry sustainability conferences and events.

Due to my broad range of internship assignments, I gained experience in everything from research, to public relations, to communications and was provided with a very useful and comprehensive view of the environmental sector. I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in any sort of environmental work.

Morgan Harries
Rollins College, Florida
October 2008 - December2008

Prior to my internship at Waterwise, I knew very little about the water issues affecting the UK or the nature of its water industry. Within a week I was well versed in the political and socioeconomic issues related to water in the UK. I gained a practical understanding of the differences between the UK and US environmental regulatory systems, specifically related to water efficiency and demand management, by tracking key policy issues in parliament and in the media and attending policy meetings with related political and industry stakeholders. My internship with Waterwise provided me with first hand experience of the critical role and influence NGOs have within the policymaking process.

While at Waterwise, I contributed to a number of press releases and articles, and participated in Waterwise’s water-saving campaigns. The research projects I participated in provided me with a critical understanding of the impact of privatization on water efficiency, water savings, and the regulatory framework of the water industry in the UK. This internship offered plenty of opportunities to expand the depth of my knowledge and expertise in environmental issues.

The Waterwise office was the most welcoming and friendly environment to work. The Waterwise staff are passionate about what they do and incredibly well-informed. I had the best time working at Waterwise and gained practical experience and knowledge that will prepare me for a career in environmental policy.