2007 Interns Print

Rachel Whidden
Elon University, North Carolina
Internship Feb-March 2007

Having the opportunity to complete an internship while studying abroad in London was one of the best parts of my abroad experience. Since i have always been extremly interested in working with non-profits and had various experiences with then in the United States, I know i would enjoy my time at Waterwise.Working for Waterwise gave me a view of the differences and similarities between non-profits in the United States versus the United Kingdom.

Getting the opportuinity to be in the work world truly enabled me to become part of the culture. Waterwise was the perfect organisation with which to do this. The staff is small, but great. There was never a dull moment in the office. They were always extremly grateful of all the work i did and really made me feel a part of the group. I was able to contribute to various projects, different business aspects of the organisation as well as sit in on weekly staff meetings. Waterwise was a great fit for me and really provided an amazing learning environment not only for my business degree, but also for my environmental education. Even though i had not been very informed or involved with the water issues the world is facing today, I was able to once working with waterwise. i gained a lot of new knowledge about this environmental issue and how it affects the United Kingdom and the people living within the region. This alone was a wonderful opportunity since i have always strived to become better citizen.

I would not trade the experience i gained with Waterwise for anything in the world and am so grateful to the staff for hosting me during my semester in London.

Reed Eckhold
Albion College, Michigan
June-July 2007

I was very excited about coming to London this summer to work in some kind of a political internship. When i found out that i would be working for Waterwise i remember being somewhat apprehensive, mainly because i had little to no background knowledge in water and environmental issues. But any feelings of apprehension were quickly put to rest after my first meeting in the office. It became instantly clear that everyone here enjoyed their work and enjoyed each other. The office is very welcoming and organised which allowed my internship to hit the ground running. whether it was a research question, or suggestion on where to travel on the weekends everyone was more than happy to help in any way that they could.

My internship focused on researching climate change and its effects on water efficiency in the UK, which is a topic i know nothing about. But i was given a crash course of sorts on climate change by jacob and Joanne and set loose to get to work. Honestly it made for a stress free begginning and set a positive tone for the rest of my time at Waterwise. While i have really enjoyed my research and learning about a completely new area i have to say that my favourite part of working for Waterwise have been the opportuinities that they provided. I have been able to attend oral questions in the house of commons twice, i have gone to several conferences on climate change, and i have been invited to numerous meetings with either Jacob or Nicci. As a political Science major i have absolutely loved learning so much about the Britrish political system through both research and observation. Waterwise went above and beyond to provide me with exciting opportuinities that were well suited to my interests. I learned more than i could have hoped in my time at Waterwise and would enthusiastically recommend working with this organisation to anyone looking for a rewarding summer internship in London.

Gorge Miramontes
University of Wisconsin (Parkside), Wisconsin
June-August 2007

Working for Waterwise was a great experience. Doing an internship in London is good, but having the opportunity to complete it at Waterwise was great. Being an English Writing major, I was weary before starting due to not having a background in water efficiency, but Waterwise proved to be everything and more than what i wanted. I learned the work environment of a British NGO. Waterwise gave me the opportunity to exercise and develop my skills and knowledge while attending events, meetings, researching information, and writing documents and articles. I learned very much about water efficiency and its need in our lives. I do not let the water run when i brush my teeth anymore! I enjoyed working with all the staff of Waterwise. Everybody was very helpful and friendly.

Meghan Boyle
University of Wisconsin (Stevens Point), Wisconson
September-December 2007

The opportunity to intern at Waterwise was so amazing, words cannot describe. The staff were so supportive and friendly that i was able to have a true learning experience without any hesitations. As a communication student, i was able to work with many different media outlets to further Waterwise's message. Because the organisation is so small, I was able to work on many different taks. I truly felt like i was more than just an intern - i felt like i was part of the team.

The internship at Waterwise gave me a great deal of experience. I now feel extremely prepared for the work world ahead of me. I was able to work on press releases that can be found in trade magazines, advertisements that were in the Daily Telegraph, and many more internal and external documents.

I can honestly say that my time at Waterwise was the greatest experience ever. It will be hard to find another group to work with that are so dedicated, hard working, fun and supportive.

Rose Buss
Boston University, Massachusetts
October-December 2007

I loved working at Waterwise. My favourite part of working here was the team. There was always something happening and people were always coming and going. The change of pace every day kept things interesting. The best days were when everyone was in the office, as there were always very lively conversations and a lot of laughter. The staff members at Waterwise created a great working atmosphere and were extremely friendly.

During the time that i was with Waterwise, my main responsibilities were monitoring Parliament for any items that were relevant to water and helping to get the World Wildlife Fund project started. Along with those activities, i also helped out whenever anyone needed an extra hand. As i had never worked for an NGO before, this was a great learning experience, as i knew very little about water and water efficiency when i began. It was also great to be able to take part in so many aspects of the organisation.