2006 Interns Print

Erica Williams
University of Richmond Virginia
Internship May - July 2006

Waterwise was an exciting, innovative place to work, and the staff members were wonderful mentors. While learning about participating in all areas of the NGO's operations, i was also able to personalise the internship to my own interests. It was nice to be able to see the results of my work and to know that my contributions mattered.

Some of my major projects included monitoring government and policy developments, co-ordinating a roundtable discussion on water efficiency in Scotland, updating the website and making it more consumer-friendly, collecting and analysing water efficiency data on washing machines and dishwashers, amd developing key messages for Waterwise's PR strategy. Through my work, i gained valuable knowledge about water resource management and the social, political, and economic factors involved in environmental sustainability.

Wendy Yoo
Boston University, Massachusetts
Internship June - Aug 2006

It is a small office and i work with 5 other wonderful co-workers. At times the office is quiet, but when Jacob is in the office, there is always laughter and conversations. I have my own desk as well as a computer.

I love my placement because it allows me to touch upon every field. The company really looks out for me and i truly feel part of the team. My co-workers have also got me into drinking 3 cups of tea per day.

I would definitely recommend this company for someone who wants to narrow down their interests in careers. it might not have the nice perks like having a widely known company, but it is a much more personable and i believe the working environment really shpes your experience. I basically did what was needed for the team. The work was always varied and spontaneous.

Sarah Gray
Columbia College, Illinois
Internship Oct - Dec 2006

Interning with Waterwise has been a wonderful experience. I know from my interview with Jacob and chris that it would ba an energetic, integrated workplace where i could learn and grow in many different areas. As someone who wants to go into the not-for-profit industry it has been extremly useful to me not only to observe but participate in the daily operations of such a new and exciting organisation.

My duties included monitoring and analysing related governmental policies, organising international multi-stakeholder meeting, developing content for Waterwise and government department websites, chairing company meetings, and researching and organising funding possibilities.

The staff members have also played an important part in my experience at waterwise. they have guided and assisted me with much patience and kindness while at the same time giving me the independence and choice necessary for real development. And on top of it all, they have even laughed at some of my jokes.